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Toothache Remedy – Clove Bud Essential Oil


One of my favorite natural home remedies: clove bud essential oil for a sore tooth or painful gums. I have had more dental work than I care to think about, and this has been my saving grace multiple times.

I recommend it to everyone I know, and I have converted a few to essential oil belief just from the good work this one does.

To use: mix 2-3 drops with whatever carrier oil you have on hand (olive oil, coconut oil, sesame seed oil, etc) and apply to gums with a cotton swab.

Pro tip: I will warn you that the numbing effects will also work on anything else the oil touches. So if you use your fingertips, you might feel some tingling there.

Do NOT use soap and water to remove the oil from your skin/body, it can intensify the effects.

Instead, apply just the carrier oil (minus the clove bud oil, obviously) to dilute it. After you have thoroughly diluted with carrier oil, soap and water are fine to use.


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