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Natural Remedies

How to Cleanse Your Home’s Energy



These are the items I use to “cleanse” the energy of a space — white sage, cedar, palo santo, stones…the traditional, ancient items revered for so many centuries to have cleansing properties.

I used them for clearing a friend’s house after a particularly awful breakup. And in another friend’s new rental space that had some weird vibes. In my own rooms when I come home from a day that just has sucked the energy out of me. Or when I’ve been around the energy of too many strangers all at once.

I feel for the heaviness of energy, a sense of stagnant, stubborn unmoving. Or of sadness. Or of just an icky vibe that needs to go on out.

So I open the doors and windows and cabinets and drawers. And begin.

I burn the items with an intention for a clear, calm, blessed space. Sometimes I sing or hum or say positive, healing words as I move, letting the ashes fall into an earthen vessel of some sort — ceramic pottery or a shell.

Once I’ve moved thru the space, a wonderfully calming, grounded fragrance is left behind. The air feels clear once more for new possibilities and growth.

You can do this yourself. It’s totally available to you. Or if you live close, I can come teach you or cleanse the space for you or with you. Whatever you need. I am here, just ask.



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