Wellness Deals to Grab by Cyber Monday

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*This post includes affiliate links so if you buy after clicking these links, it helps keep Attitude of Wellness in business.  All proceeds go back into AoW’s crucial mission of helping educate women on natural healing resources.  Simply clicking on a link will not create a purchase.


Before the holiday shopping weekend wraps up, there a few more GREAT wellness deals to grab by Cyber Monday.  These are time-sensitive so make sure you get them now if you want them!


1.)  Thrive Market* is giving 25% off your order if you’re on their newsletter list (or a discount for signing up) + free shipping over $49 + free 4-pack of “This Bar Saves Lives” bars with purchases over $59.

If I could recommend JUST ONE CHANGE you could make to Improve Your Health, it would be swapping out toxic products & replacing them with non-toxic brands sold at Thrive Market.

Why I recommend it:  Thrive Market has the healthier/cleaner version of any item you can imagine — from non-toxic makeup to cleaning products to probiotics & supplements to yoga mats.  They’re  continually expanding their product offerings so your membership with them is worth it.  And you always get a freebie with your order + MASSIVE savings on items you’ll never find marked down elsewhere.

I just now bought some vitamins + Dr. Bronner’s soap on Thrive Market and saved $134.55.  Over this year, I’ve only ordered TWICE…and my annual savings is over $960.  That’s serious money.


2.)  Rocky Mountain Oils (the clean brand I use) is doing an offer I can’t refuse — 20% off ALL products plus 40% off select daily items.  They have their Holiday Essential Oil kit for $34.95 right now.  They have a customer loyalty program and you get double points on all purchases in November so you will be well on your way to $5 off (or more).

Why I recommend it:  Essential oils are proven to be beneficial for improving health.  And I can testify from personal use of multiple types/brands that these oils are The Jam.  They make good on their promises, they’re effective and great quality oils.  If you want to start somewhere with oils, start with this brand (their website alone is great for educating yourself!)

BONUS:  this company has been in the essential oil game for a hot minute so they know what’s up.  And they’re not an MLM so you won’t be guilted into buying more than you can afford every month by your coworker trying to get that free bottle of Frankincense.


3.)  HAY HOUSE is doing 50% of their entire store + free shipping through Cyber Monday.  With a $35 purchase, you get a free “I Can Do It” 2017 calendar.

Why I recommend it:  When you’re trying to make positive changes in your life, mindset shifts can be a make-or-break element of your healing.  Sometimes toxic people need to go.  Or maybe it’s toxic thoughts and old patterns you need help releasing.

Hay House is a deep well of resources to help you make changes.  They sell books, audio & video downloads, card sets, courses and more.  I downloaded their “Lucid Dreaming” ebook a few months ago, and it changed my whole perspective on sleep.


4.)  LITTLE BOX OF ROCKS is giving 15% off their entire store with code OBSIDIAN.  Their “crystal bouquets” come in a small wooden box and include a secret message, written by the sender, and printed on a sealed scroll.  You can choose the crystals and some boxes include a small glass bottle containing herbs or natural elements like Himalayan sea salt.

Why I recommend it:  It’s always a good idea to have the high energy vibes of gemstones and crystals near you.  I keep them on my desk, in my purse, by my bed – pretty much everywhere.  Crystals can change the energy of a room.  Why not tap into an element of the earth to improve your life?  It’s an easy #lifehack wih proven benefits.


5.)  HERBIVORE BOTANICALS has 20% off their site + free travel Rose Hibiscus Face Mist & Herbivore pencil all this weekend with code BF2016.  I ordered the Phoenix Facial Oil roller for myself and the Beard Tonic Sampler for my man.  Pro tip:  get on their newsletter & save 10%.

Why I recommend it:  This brand takes the label of “clean beauty” to a whole other level.  All of their products have an emphasis on organic, high quality, and food-grade ingredients so you know you’re not putting a toxic waste dump on your face when you use them.  Remember:  your skin is the largest organ of your body so what you put ON it goes INTO it.  So buy a clean brand like this.


6.)  THE HERBAL ACADEMY* is selling an annual subscription to The Herbarium, their virtual collection of herbal educational resources, for $39 (regularly $45) through 11/27/16.  I bought it because it’s PACKED WITH VALUE and costs $3.25/month.

Why I recommend it:  Natural healing is the way to go, and that starts with herbs.  Empower yourself with education on how to make herbal recipes, tinctures, salves, etc.  Study the plants yourself so you know the source of what you’re putting into your body.


Holiday Sale at the Herbal Academy

If any of these Cyber Monday deals catches your eye, go now & buy them because they will expire tomorrow.


And don’t forget, the Attitude of Wellness 2016 Holiday Gift Guide is out now & FREE TO DOWNLOAD.  It includes awesome gifts for every lady on your list:  a picky mom, the sister who has everything, the coworker who just discovered essential oils.  Sign up & receive the FREE download HERE.

Good luck and happy Cyber Monday shopping!



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