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Is Mercury Retrograde Real?




If your life is anything like mine right now, all your tech devices are on the fritz, and people are acting awful.  And by awful, I mean as if they’ve lost their manners.  And patience.  And general ability to function cordially in society.  They’re using sharp words and hurtful sarcasm where they usually would answer calmly.  

Or maybe they’re just not listening to the words coming out of your mouth.  You find yourself telling your loved one or coworker something important, and then they ask the same thing a few minutes later.  

Maybe you’ve not been sleeping well for the last few weeks.  Or your computer is refusing to cooperate.

Sound familiar?

Well, it’s happened to me hard-core for the past couple of weeks, and it had me baffled.  WHAT was going on???  I was fielding aggressively-worded phone calls and resolving misunderstood (yet clearly-phrased) emails.  My phone decided to freeze and vibrate one morning with no option to turn it off.  I was tearing my hair out and feeling like I’d failed everyone.

And then I remembered…Mercury is about to be in retrograde.  

No wonder everything is a hot mess with a side of fries!  They can’t help it – there’s actually a planetary illusion that the planet Mercury is moving backwards as it circles Earth.  If you took mythology class in high school, you’ll remember that Mercury was the messenger of the gods and in charge of communication.  Hence, all of our communication modes being in disarray when the planet goes retrograde.  Well, at least that’s the common theory.  

But I think there might be something to it.  Maybe.

Now before you write this off as hocus-pocus, let me say this:  I am not a believer in astrology.  I think it has some interesting talking points…but it’s not bullet-proof enough for me to wager the house on it (or anything, for that matter).  

So I’m not selling Mercury Retrograde as part of a spiritual belief or even trying to prove some science around it.  I’m merely noticing my own experience, which is this:  when stuff is going crazy and communication is falling apart, the planet Mercury is usually in retrograde.  I used to dismiss it.  I did!  But it kept getting my attention.  And now I’m wondering if there’s something more to it.  My mind is still open to the possibility.

So notice for yourself.  What is happening in your days up until Mercury is out of retrograde?  Are you noticing more intense miscommunications and tech issues than normal?  Are old flames, old friends and smooth-talkers messaging you out of the blue?  These are some of the “indicators” usually mentioned when we’re in Mercury Retrograde.  Add to that the fact we’re under a full moon today.  Yikes.

So if everything is crazy…give yourself a break.  And maybe don’t sign any important contracts or start any crucial projects.  You know, just in case.

I’d love to hear from you and know if you’ve experienced any of this.  Have you been enduring the tech fail + miscommunication storm as of late?  Hit me up on social media or email, and let me know what you noticed!  

And until we’re in the clear…may the (peaceful) force be with you.    


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