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Make Your Year More Productive (with 1 Simple Tool)

Productivity Planner Journal

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If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”  – Benjamin Franklin


Well, it’s that time of year.  Everyone’s creating resolutions, goals and choosing a “word of the year” in hopes of this year being better than the last one.  Spoiler alert:  if you don’t plan for success, you’re spinning your wheels.


Disappointing, I know.  But statistically, that resolution you’re making is probably not going to happen this year.  And it’s DEFINITELY not going to just manifest itself.  You’ve gotta put in some legwork, sister.


The good news?  I’ve got a secret “resolution hack” you might not know.  It’s the tool I am personally using.  Right now.  Every day.


It’s helping me track my daily goals and productivity so I can focus on “keeping the main thing, the main thing”, as Stephen Covey encourages.  For me, the main thing is my wellness.


So allow me to introduce my little friend, The Productivity Planner*:

It helps me each day in several ways:

  • A daily quote to keep me focused & encouraged
  • A concise list of that day’s tasks, ranked by importance
  • Tracking the time it takes to complete tasks (to keep me on-track)
  • Notes section (for planning and jotting down ideas)
  • A score at the end of the day of how productive I truly was overall

How is it beneficial for my wellness?

  • Reduces my stress level because everything is laid out on paper (instead of swimming in a sea of overwhelm in my brain)
  • Helps me track where I’m spending my time (a.k.a. reducing time blown on social media) so I can use it instead on activities that improve my life (such as meditating or going for a walk)
  • Improves my feelings of accomplishment which boosts my mood
  • Increases my ability to relax when I stop working because I’m not still stressing over an unfinished to-do list (the most important stuff is done!)


So there’s my #1 tip for making your 2017 the most productive year yet.  Go check out The Productivity Planner* — I think you’ll be very impressed and find it useful for tracking your own goals, wellness or otherwise.



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