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Guest Post: Yoga Teacher Grace Higginbotham


We Have Another New Yoga Teacher!

For this week’s post, I asked our newest addition to the Attitude of Wellness lineup, East Nashville yoga teacher Grace Higginbotham (owner of Seva Yoga Nashville), to do a fun guest post.  I asked her to give us a flavor of her style of teaching and what you ladies can expect from a class with her.  Read on to get to know this awesome lady yoga practitioner we’ll be flowing with on Thursday 11/17 at 6:30 pm (sign-up HERE)…

Hello! My name is Grace Higginbotham and I want to thank you for getting to know me.  I was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, but have lived in several places; from Tuscaloosa, Alabama to Asheville, North Carolina and now here in East Nashville.  I am a Health and Wellness graduate from UNC Asheville with a passion for living my best life and encouraging others to do the same. 

I was introduced to yoga as a child by my mother, but it wasn’t until I was 19 when I truly brought yoga into my life.  Then at 21, I moved to Asheville, North Carolina, where I found my university and a true yoga practice waiting for me.  I began to take classes regularly at Asheville Community Yoga Center and it changed my life. 

Early, in 2013 I enrolled in Asheville Community Yoga’s Student Immersion program. This experience not only brought me closer to the teachers at the center, but sparked the thought of becoming a yoga teacher for the first time. I felt called to action or that I was ‘following my path’ and the feeling wouldn’t go away. So, in January of 2014 I decided to enroll in ACY’s 250 Teacher Training program. My teachers included Michael Greenfield, the executive director of the center, Amber Acheson, Mado Hesselink and Kelly Gilmore; along with some amazing guest teachers.

These incredible people brought their extensive yoga knowledge and wove it all beautifully into a vastly comprehensive program.  We focused primarily on the Hatha yoga tradition, but also emphasized the Spirit of Service (Karma yoga) and Spirit of Devotion (Bhakti yoga).  After 7 months of training, practicing and sharing in such an awesome experience, I was introduced to a totally new “Me.”  Now, I make an effort to get on the mat everyday, even if that means simply to sit and be present.

Although I primarily teach Hatha yoga, I also pull elements from Karma, Restorative, Vinyasa and Yin yoga styles.  This allows students to adapt each practice to their needs.  Lastly, as a health and wellness practitioner, I make sure intertwine health research and mindful anatomical alignment into each class because I truly want your yoga practice to be lifelong.

I am looking forward to being a part of this beautiful healing space where women can come and share their experiences in a safe place.  Where we support each other on our yoga journey and build a community, a tribe of divine, feminine energy.  Remember, yoga doesn’t care about your age, shape, how long you’ve practiced or if you can stand on your head (and neither do I.)  You just have to show up. Show up on your mat and show up for yourself.  So please come and join me as we practice and grow together.

Peace and Love,


p.s. here is the link again to the details page if you want to join us this Thursday:  LINK TO SIGN-UP

Custom aromatherapy blends (your choice of scents + Reiki energy infused) will also be available for purchase or pre-order from Attitude of Wellness so you can take the relaxing vibes home with you!

Bring your yoga mat + blanket + a gal pal and join us!


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