We are the Bridges




Everything feels like it’s on fire, doesn’t it?  That’s ok.

Because we’ve been watching, and we’ve been expecting it…haven’t we?  Change.  Pressure.  A rising from the ashes.  We’ve got to burn down our expectations first.

This is supposed to be the feminine age, after all.  It looks different.  But sometimes it comes with a fight.  Change is not unanimously accepted, and neither is being different.

I fly my flag differently, and that’s ok.  But pause before you think you know what I mean.  This doesn’t have a label.  This is about:  simply being different.

I’ve learned through my teachers that’s a gift, the different-ness.  My friend calls it “an enigma”.  It’s the sign that I am here to be a teacher.  The boxes just won’t fit properly.


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My own teachers have been Christ and the Medicine Wheel and wonderful relationships and therapists and Animal Medicine and coaches and awful relationships and many friendships.  Which one of those turned you off and closed your mind?  Which one can you just not stomach?  I told you already, I’m different.

I’m not here to fit in.  But to stand out.  To shine.  To rebel.  To let other see my colors fly so they can come home and know…


It’s ok.  It’s safe.  There’s more of us out here, straddling the line of old and new.  And WE SEE YOU.

We are the bridges, here to hold the hands of others and help them cross to safety.  To the other side.

We are the guide posts.



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